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Icelandic lamb sheep head
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In Japan, sheep's head is unfamiliar, but in Iceland there is a traditional dish that is boiled and cooked called "Svið". In Iceland, which has lived with sheep for over 1,100 years, we will receive all of our lives.

The Icelandic lamb head sold by Ades has cheek meat, tongue, brain, and eyeballs, and is full of delicious and rare parts.

Surprisingly, sheep's head is eaten not only in Iceland but in various countries around the world. For example, nearby Norway, African countries, Central Asian countries, etc.
It is eaten boiled with salt, stewed, or roasted.

It has a fluffy texture and a creamy taste like fried milt. In Europe, there is a braised dish of brains in France.

The size of the sheep's head is about 20 cm and the height is about 10 cm.
You can cook at home if you have a pot and oven that fits.
When I actually boiled it (with spices), it didn't smell like animals and I didn't mind cooking it at home.

▼ Check out the recipe here ▼
[Recipe] Salt-boiled lamb head & how to eat

* When actually eating, it is necessary to cut or break the bone.
I managed to cut it with my kitchen knife, but please be careful when eating. For your reference, please see the recipe above.
If you search for "Sheep Head Recipe" on Youtube, etc., various cooking methods and eating methods will appear, so be sure to check it out.

<Boiled in salt>

〇 Cheek meat/skin: The cheek meat is soft and the skin is soft.
〇Ears: It is delicious with a crunchy texture like a cloud ear mushroom.
〇 Tongue: Soft and juicy from the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the tongue.
〇 Eyes: It is a gelatinous texture that is plump and creamy.
〇Brain: Creamy taste with a fluffy texture like fried soft roe

Please give it a try.


★It's a sheep's head that you might not be familiar with if you live in Japan. This can be said for food as a whole, but we would like people who can eat with the feeling of cherishing and appreciating life to purchase it. Thank you for your understanding.


 《Regarding the thawing method》

Thaw in the refrigerator for about a day before cooking.
Although we check the package before shipping, there may be invisible holes due to shaking during transportation.
There is no problem with the quality, but there is a possibility that the moisture from the meat will come out of the bag when defrosting.

▼ Click here for details ▼
[Talk about how to defrost meat]

Internal capacity 1 piece

*Because there are individual differences in the size of sheep, the weight will vary. note that.

Preservation method Frozen Store at -18°C or below.
expiry date August 31, 2024

* Below are actual product photos.
Please be careful when viewing. *




<Before cooking>

▲The size of the sheep's head is about 20cm (from the tip of the nose to the head), and the height is about 10cm.
Weight about 1.5~2kg


<After boiling in salt>



<In Iceland, bones are used as children's toys>


<Packed in a bag and delivered frozen>

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