[Eydís Limited!] Icelandic lamb Prosciutto Thick Slices 150g



《This product is exclusive to Eydis!》

This is a very rare uncured lamb ham that uses Icelandic lamb legs (thigh meat), which accounts for about 1% of domestic distribution.

It is a by-product that comes out during the production of "Icelandic lamb prosciutto", and is a rare product with a limited production volume, like a "secret menu". If you see it during the sale, you are lucky! Please enjoy this opportunity!

This product is thicker than uncured ham , so you can enjoy the meaty texture and the gentle spread of rum.

The taste of Icelandic lamb and the unique saltiness of prosciutto ham are tightly packed, so you can enjoy it as it is.

For those who think it's too salty, we recommend adding herbs such as black pepper and rosemary and eating it on a baguette with fresh cheese and tomatoes.

Recommended sandwich recipes are also available!

Raw ham cut off sandwich 🥪

*[ Limited Quantity] This is a special product . It will end as soon as it is gone , so don't miss this opportunity!

name Lamb prosciutto
Internal capacity 150g
Preservation method Requires freezing (store below -18°C)
water activity 0.95 or more
expiry date at least 1 month
Raw material name Lamb meat (from Iceland), salt, sugar, spice/coloring agent (sodium nitrite), phosphate (Na), seasoning (amino acid), antioxidant (VC), preservative (potassium sorbate)
Notes Please consume immediately after opening.
Nutrient information display (per 100g, analysis value) Energy: 156Kcal, protein: 20.9g, fat: 8.0g, carbohydrates: 0.1g, salt equivalent: 5.59g

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